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What Meilink offers to

VPS customers

Meilink is the professional partner in the Netherlands for the safe packaging of capital goods. Our industrial packaging is based on sophisticated design and optimization. What Meilink packs to a high standard for demanding clients, we then transport flawlessly. By working with Meilink, we can arrange the industrial packaging for your product in one go. Then you can be sure that everything will arrive properly packaged and on time.

International network


Meilink is a member of INPRO, an international network of independent export packers drawn from all the industrialized countries of the world. Ranging from countries in Western Europe, North and South America to South Africa, India, China, the Arab Emirates and more. Through Meilink, VPS has direct access to this network. This cooperation offers you integrated solutions for both your packaging and transportation issues. No other freight forwarder in the Netherlands can offer you this special expertise.

You might have seen it already on our homepage: on Time,  in Tact and Flexible. These core concepts are rooted in Meilink Cares, the guarantee of quality and our drive to take care of your business with the delivery of capital goods fully intact, on time and ready for use, anywhere in the world.

Why customers choose VPS:

  1. Monitoring your reliability of delivery
  2. Utmost flexibility by moving along with your schedule
  3. The right solution at the lowest total supply chain cost
  4. Seamless alignment with your organization and processes
  5. One salesperson/consultant as your point of contact
  6. Project management for coordination and implementation
  7. Support for all phases: from design to final destination

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What our customers say...

"With VPS, we always know where we stand. If anything goes wrong, they are the first to report it. Then they jump right in and fix it."