We deliver on what we promise!

The team of VPS know all the ins and outs of forwarding. We are able to respond quickly to different needs. Globally, we collaborate with a close and reliable network of logistics specialists, agents and other professional personnel. 

We deliver on what we promise, committed and hard-working, keeping a tight rein on logistics. Varekamp Project Services is a member of FENEX, the trade association for freight forwarders. Your guarantee for quality and financial security!

Our strong point:

  • Experienced specialist in industrial capital goods, project cargo and special cargo.
  • Intelligent integration of multiple modalities.
  • Short lines of communication, fast and flexible.
  • As part of Meilink, VPS has much experience with specific and demanding clients.

The sooner you engage us, the more efficient the transport the solution will be

Don't hesitate to call in our transport expertise in the early stages your project. This will enable us to make even more efficient decisions together with you, which will prove their worth later on in your transport process.